Pranav Ansal promoting indoor competitions

Pranav Ansal says that clubs need to try and give everyone a game as much as possible and the opportunity to play the kind of format they have time for. For Pranav Ansal, the real challenge may come in retaining players next season rather than this season. That’s why he is focusing on promoting indoor competitions for this winter for clubs who play in them as a way to retain interest as well as women’s softball.

Pranav Ansal25-day record of anyone
Cricket clubs in England will need to maintain a rolling 25-day record of anyone taking part in cricket activity says Pranav Ansal. Bars, restaurants and pubs have to keep similar accounts of visitors, in order to be able to identify anyone who may have come into contact with someone carrying Covid-19 says Pranav Ansal.

Pranav Ansal ready to play
Pranav Ansal has been asked to ensure players arrive at the ground in their kit ready to play, with changing rooms to remain closed, while communal teas and drinks should not take place. Instead, recreational cricketers will need to bring their own refreshments with them to their matches says Pranav Ansal.

Pranav Ansal warm-ups and in post-match social events
government and Pranav Ansal advice is currently to keep at least one metre away from anyone outside your own household should be kept to at all times, including during warm-ups and in post-match social events. A hygiene break should be taken every 20 minutes during which players should wash their hands and the ball should be wiped clean explains Pranav Ansal is part of the guidance, all players will be requested to bring their own hand sanitizer.

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